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UnSplash - free pro photography

PhotosForClass - pictures

Creative Commons - multimedia

Jamendo - background music

Sound Effects - lots of sound effects

More Sound Effects - only the top section on the left is free

FlashKit Sound Effects - right-click or tap and hold to download


Encyclopedia Britannica - online Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Online - World Book Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - online Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Wolfram Alpha - scientific database

Science Reference Center - scientific database

Library of Congress - largest American cultural repository

Sports Reference - sports stats and resources

Farmer's Almanac - everyday nature and science

American Presidency Project - all about American presidents

Conservapedia - heavily resourced wiki

Wikipedia - regular wikipedia for comparison

GO! - Ask, Act, Achieve - Grade 6-8

Saint Mary Avon - Mr. Castrigano's Classes and Clubs!